New PiTank photos (Raspberry Pi based Tank)

Good news, new PiTank photos are ready!

It was a long way to post them, but finally we are here. Photos are taken by Nicon D5300, but I treat myself far away from professional photographer, so don’t expect too much from them.

Raspberry Pi Tank front view

PiTank is constructed from toy tank, power bank, raspberry pi, PiCamera, wif-fi dongle and a lot of wires and free time.

Raspberry Pi Tank

Main features is video streamin from Raspberry Pi using PiCamera and remote controlling of tank movements. Ideally you can drive this tank from any point of the planet where internet is availabe.

Raspberry Pi Tank on the table

PiCamera is located on top of PiTank and is can be moved in vertical direction using servo.

Raspberry Pi Tank on the floor

Also tower of the tank can be moved left and right using motor build in tank. So entire construction with powerbank, Raspberry Pi and PiCamera is rotated in this case.

Raspberry Pi Tank on the floor, front view

Powerbank provides enough energy to work autonomously for 5-6 hours.

Raspberry Pi Tank

Probably I need to develop some dock station so recharge powerbank(wireless one?) and increase autonomous time to unlimited.

Raspberry Pi Tank on the floor, front right view

And yeah, floppy cable plays main role for interconnecting PiTank hardware:)

Raspberry Pi Tank on the floor, rear left view

Hope you like it!

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