Pitank remote control over the internet

For a long time PiTank was working as a dust collector on the shelf, but now he is back!

So what’s new today about PiTank?

I have cleaned up from dust, fixed some bugs in environment, set up VM for remote control and added new GPIO backend(commit) to rpi-tank repo. And now all pieces finally works: video streaming, webui for remote control, VM for port forwarding and controlling GPIO pins.

So basically you can drive PiTank remotely now, from any place on the globe. Just type in the browser http://stream.pitank.com:3000 and drive tank that is located in my kitchen.

On this page you can find video stream from tank camera and buttons to control it. Check out how it works in realtime by watching the video below:

Most likely this page http://stream.pitank.com:3000 will not be available for you because, it just a debug version for now. But in future I plan to implement more production version the stream page, where multiple persons will be able to get timeslot to drive PiTank remotely.

Will keep you posted about the progress!

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