Quadrocopter party during the weekend


The weather was fine, so we started to test our flying devises: planes and quadrocopters. The very first take off was not so successful 🙂

One quadrocopter flyed in stablized mode a few meters over the ground.

And the main event on the quarocopter party is flying to 500 meters. Once drone reach 300 meters nobody could even see it. So drone was controlled based on information received via radio channel. Altitude, location and battery level were main metrics to make a decidion what to do next.

Video captured on the ground:

And second video uses one captured on the ground as a base and has mixed video stream from quarocopter.

Next flight was up to 400 meters:

A long flight on a rc plane. Now I understand, flying rc plane is a good way to train your neck. You always have to move it left and right to see your plane.

And one week before this quadrocopter party even more awesome video was recoreded. Alex’s drone reach 1200 meter altitude, reached the clouds and fell in 3 kilometers from launch point.

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