Received Raspberry Pi Model B+ with case: comparing with non-plus model

Hi geeks,

PiTank family is growing and new member joined recently. Recently, I received Raspberry Pi Model B+ with case and some radiators.
It costed me near 35$ with shipping, bought from aliexpress.

Model B+ has several advantages comapring to previous module:
– It has more USB port: 4, comparing to 2 for previous version
– More GPIO pins: 40 comparing to 26 before
– MicroSD card used now instead of full sized SD card
– New design: most of I/O port were moved
– Linear regulators was replaced with switching one: it imporves power consumption.


The last one is pretty important for PiTank. In previous posts I already said about one unresolved problem. DC motors consumes a lot of power on startup and voltage level in the entire circuit drops below critical level for Raspberry Pi. Pi hangs up and system becomes unresponcible. Replacing linear regulator by switching one should improve voltage range where Raspberry Pi works without hanging up.
I plan to set new Pi on top of PiTank in near future to see if it really make the difference.


Raspberry Pi 2 model B+ is already ordered, so will see it soon.

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