RaspTank from Adeept

Today I have found really nice Raspberry Pi Tank project from Adeept.

This project took the idea of PiTank even further with next features:

  • Robotic arm (4-DOF)
  • OpenCV processing of captured images, which allows to do motion detection, object recognition, tracking
  • Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
  • RGB LED array

I dreamed about adding these features to current PiTank, and these guys already implemented it!

Check out Adeep Raspberry Pi Tank Review:

It is actually got to production and you can buy Kit for 85$ (excluding RaspberryPi): https://www.adeept.com/rasptank_p0121.html

My Take

I am quite happy to see projects like this getting to production, so it means I am not alone in my madness of building tanks with Raspberry Pi. And I have to admit that getting things to production is much harder comparing to just building prototypes, and looks like a lot of folks put their efforts to make this happen.

From the video it looks like using robotic arm to pick up the duck challenging task for a few reasons: camera gets too close to the object, so it becomes quite hard to use it for orientation, also arm itself is not strong/big enough to handle the duck. But still watching how tank is trying to grub duck remotely is quite fun.

For control UI I would prefer to have web UI, rather than python desktop GUI. With web UI control buttons and video can be on the same page, also it allows to control from almost any device without installing any software on it. However there are few limitations with it as well: to my knowledge only MJPG format works fine in browser and it requires much higher bandwidth comparing to other formats.

Maybe one day I get RaspTank and try to modify current PiTank software to support it as well.

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